Waypoint Codes to Icons Cross-Reference
ADT Adit Mine
ALT Altitude Golf Course
BCH Beach Beach
BD Boundary Restricted Area
BD Burnt Area Parachute Area
BEN Bench Live Theater
BLG Building Building
BLG Entrance Kiosk Toll Booth
BLG Restroom Restroom
BLG Vault Toilet Restroom
BMK Benchmark Pizza
BRG Bridge Bridge
BT Boat Ramp Boat Ramp
BUS Bus Stop Car Rental
BW Boundary, Wilderness Restricted Area
CAN Canal Fishing Area
CAV Cave White Dot
CBN Cabin Shipwreck
CEM Cemetery Cemetery
CLF Cliff Danger Area
CMP Campsite Campground
COL Col Church
CPG Campground Campground
CRL Corral Hunting Area
DAM Dam Dam
DGR Danger Danger Area
DS Double/Single Scales
EXT Exit Exit
EXTEExit Exit
EXTNExit Exit
EXTSExit Exit
EXTWExit Exit
FA Falls Levee
FLG Flag Civil
GAT Gate Pharmacy
GCP Group campsite Campground
GPT Geocache Geocache Found
GUL Gully Anchor
HPT High Point Summit
ILD Island Beach
IS Intermittent Stream Fishing Area
JC Junction, trails Airport
JCR Junction, trail & roadAirport
LEG Lake Edge Swimming Area
LG Log Park
LK Lake Swimming Area
LPT Low Point Fitness Center
LUN Lunch Restaurant
MIN Mine Mine
MS Miscellaneous Information
MS Baseball Ball Park
MS No Camping Red Square
MS Flat Area Campground
MS Seepage Area Fishing Area
MS Trail Register Post Office
MS Tree Blaze Forest
MS Volleyball Stadium
MS Drinking Water Drinking Water
MS Well Water Drinking Water
MT Mountain Summit
NT Note Post Office
OJC Old Trail Junction Soft Field
OJR Old Road Junction Soft Field
ONRPOn Ramp Glider Area
ORP Old Road Point Oil Field
OTP Old Trail Point Oil Field
PAS Pass Church
PIC Picnic Picnic Area
PK Peak Summit
PKG Parking Parking Area
POD Pond Swimming Area
PST Post Tall Tower
PTI Point of Interest Museum
PTI Zoo Zoo
RAP Rapids Crossing
RD Road Point City (Medium)
REC Recreation Area Amusement Park
RED Road End City (Medium)
RIG Ridge Church
RJC Road Junction Glider Area
RKC Rock Cairn Short Tower
RRC Railroad Crossing Crossing
RST Roadside Rest Parking Area
RUINRuin Shipwreck
SAF Shaft Mine
SBK Switchback Skiing Area
SGN Sign Bell
SHLFShelf Department Store
SJC Stream Junction Fishing Area
SPG Spring Radio Beacon
SPR Spur Heliport
ST Stream Fishing Area
SWP Swamp Skull and Crossbones
TAR Tarn Swimming Area
TBL Table Picnic Area
TED Trail End City (Small)
THD Trailhead Trail Head
TO Turnout Bar
TP Trail Point City (Small)
TP Tree Blaze Forest
TUN Tunnel Tunnel
VA Valley Anchor
VPT View Point Scenic Area
XC X-C Point Circle with X
XED X-C End Point Circle with X
XIS Int. Stream no trail Fishing Area
XJC X-C Junction Circle with X
XST Stream no trail Fishing Area
ZG Picture Movie Theater

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