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Custom Waypoint Symbols

Note: At the time this was written, MapSource required symbols to have certain names and be in a specific directory (folder).  Their xImage program also required symbols to have certain names but could be in any directory. One catch is that those names are not the same!

The file below contains some custom symbols for Garmin receivers that support them. MapSource version 6.12.3 or later is needed to see them on the background map and to transfer waypoints that have the custom symbols to and from the receiver. At the time this was written, MapSource cannot send the actual symbol images to the receiver.

To send the actual images to the receiver, you need the Garmin xImage program. The xImage program may be difficult to find on the Garmin web site. If you can't find a reference to it, try going to the firmware update page for a receiver that supports custom waypoint symbols such as the GPSmap 60Cx, 76Cx, or Vista Cx, etc.

The following file contains the symbol images and a batch file to help create the files needed by MapSource and xImage. Do not run the batch file until you have edited it as appropriate for your system.


Where to Find the xImage Program

The following link may take you to the "eTrex Legend HCx Updates & Downloads" web page. Look for the xImage program under "Additional Software."


If the link above doesn't work then the following link may list the products for the updates and downloads. Look for models ending in "x" such as GPSmap 60Cx, or the Legend mentioned above.


And if the link above doesn't work then either the following will take you to the downloads list and one item might be "Unit software", which is the one you want unless Garmin has moved xImage somewhere else.


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