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 Welcome to Dan's GPS and Map Potpourri.  Here you will find waypoints, track logs, maps, test data, landscape pictures, tips, and trail guides useful for hiking, biking, and understanding GPS receivers.  The waypoints currently posted are useful for navigating trails and in some cases, cross-country.  Some road junctions are included and intended primarily to help get from a main road to a trailhead. All points currently posted are in Colorado.  Some other Western States will be represented eventually.  Locations such as parking areas, trail heads, trail junctions, points of interest, peaks, trail-stream intersections, camping spots, structures/buildings, etc. are marked. Due to the number of points, the lack of names, and the small number of characters allowed in a waypoint name, most waypoints are given a code representing the type of location and a number to make it unique.  So it's highly recommended to print a map with the appropriate waypoints on it.  That way you know where each point is located.

You will also find another form of GPS data - track logs to form trail maps.  A "mapping" GPS receiver is not needed.  Most new consumer GPS receivers have a map screen but not necessarily background maps.

This site also contains a miscellaneous collection of maps and guides.  Some of them are found posted at trailheads.  Others are given away by the parks.    These materials are believed to be in the public domain.

Some information about the performance of GPS receivers is posted and a few tips.

Waypoint Name Format - A Naming Convention for Waypoints
This gives an explanation of the codes used in naming waypoints. Updated August 4, 2006
These documents are located on so use the "Back" button if you wish to return here.

Also included is my choice of Garmin type icons to be used with the waypoint codes.  Added March 9, 2006
Waypoint Files for Colorado Trails
Some Statistics (Error Information) are included in the records.
The records are in a comma delimited format which can be imported by various programs.  (Actually a TOPO! Import/export format.)
"Trail Maps" that go with many of the points can be found at National Geographic's MapXchange. You need N.G. TOPO! software to use those trail maps.
Trail Track Logs or Track Log Trails
Some sample track logs that serve as trail maps on Garmin GPS receivers.
(Coming - development in progress)
Tips, Hints, Explanations, or Whatnot......
See my list of links for some sites that have (or links to) extensive explanations, manuals, and reviews.
Procedures Used in Gathering Track and Waypoint Data
It is wise to have some idea of how mapping data was obtained.
Index for Test Data
Track Logging, Marks at Surveyed Locations, Battery Run Times, etc.  This section is also good for explanations and a better understanding of how GPS receivers work.
Some Overall Statistics About the Trail Waypoints (GPS Marks)
Might help in knowing what to expect or don't be surprised if a mark is 100 feet from where it "should" be.
And don't forget that your receiver might be off by more than the estimate it is giving you.
Trail Maps, Nature Guides, Etc. for the Vicinity of Colorado Springs
Old maps, maps at trailhead, and probably not otherwise available on the Internet when last checked...
Would you like to see what some of the areas covered here look like?
(Coming - development in progress)
Links - A Selective List
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